Dangling man surprises tourists

These daredevil risk takers played good Samaritan when they helped a man dicing with death while hanging from a rock in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Xi Jinping heads to Africa to clinch China's hold over the continent

Chinese President Xi Jinping heads to Africa this week as Beijing moves to further cement its role as one of the continent's closest economic and diplomatic allies.

After a brief stop in the Persian Gulf Thursday, Xi's itinerary -- his first overseas trip since beginning his second term as leader -- takes him to Senegal, Rwanda, South Africa and Mauritius, spanning almost every corner of Sub-Saharan Africa, where China's economic clout, and strategic ambitions, are growing by the year.

Trevor Noah defends 'Africa won the World Cup' joke

South African comedian Trevor Noah has responded to criticism from a French diplomat over comments he made on his US comedy news show about the country's World Cup win.

US military commander: On North Korea, the lack of trust is the enemy

The top US military commander on the Korean peninsula said Friday that even as the United States and North Korea work on easing tensions and working toward denuclearization, diplomacy between the two nations was operating in an environment "void of trust."

Speaking by teleconference to the Aspen Security Forum, Gen. Vincent Brooks said the peninsula had "gone now 235 days without a provocation." On November 28 last year, North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile that it claimed could reach the US mainland. Since then, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said his regime had done all the testing it needed to do, and dismantled at least one test site.

They have no idea how much danger I'm in

Passing by the red brick houses of Stoke-on-Trent, Majhor Abdullah Hagi heads to his English-language class. The quaint English city, known for its pottery and landscape gardens, is a far cry from the genocide he escaped four years ago. But on Tuesday, a UK court ruling could catapult him back to a life of fear and persecution.

Hagi, 30, is a Yazidi from Sinjar in northern Iraq. He belongs to one the world's smallest and oldest religious minorities but Majhor had big ambitions. He dreamed of becoming a biologist and was the first of his relatives to attend university. But on August 3, 2014, these dreams ground to a halt.

Are we sliding back to the chaos of the 1930s?

US President Donald Trump swept through Europe like a hurricane. He asked why his country was obliged to defend its allies, carped about "unfair" trade practices, blasted the UK and Germany as weak on migration and suggested President Vladimir Putin was as credible as America's own intelligence agencies when it came to Russian hacking.

Trump reprised his role as a cheerleader for Brexit and complained that everyone was taking advantage of the US. Negotiating with Putin would be easier than dealing with allies, he said. It was all transactional, about price tags and deals. Values found little airtime.