On Saturday night attorney Lin Wood sent out a bone-chilling warning.

Lin, who has been workin hard on behalf of President Trump and the American people, has come under fire for the tone of his tweets.

He’s also been blasted by GOP establishment types for demanding that the GOP in Georgia actually work for our votes in the upcoming Senate race.

Wood and his “partner is election crime” Sidney Powell claim they have uncovered foreign interference in the election.

They say that China had a hand in Biden’s win.

So, on Saturday, when President Trump tweeted out a message about how we’ve just begun to fight, Lin Woods retweeted that and addd a rather chilling message of his own:

American Patriots be prepared.

Events will unfold quickly over next several days.

Listen to

CCP attacked our country with a biological weapon. CCP attacked us again to steal election.

CCP wants our land to grow food.

We shall NEVER let them take it.



What’s happening in this country is shameful, and while I don’t know if what Lin Wood says is true, II do know that many of our politicians are puppets for China. That’s clear by their own words and actions.

And it’s no secret that China didn’t like Trump. Is it so far-fetched to think that they melded in the election?


After all, liberals spent 4 long years claiming Trump was a “Russian asset” with zero proof.