Bill O’Reilly appeared on a SiriusXM podcast hosted by Andrew Wilkow to discuss the upcoming Texas lawsuit.

But before we get to that, President Trump just updated everyone on the status of the case:

19 states total…that’s amazing and historic..and gives is a good shot.

However, Bill isn’t feeling quite so chipper and optimistic about the lawsuit.

And it has nothing to do with the merits of the case.

Bill’s drawing his conclusions based on something else.

O’Reilly says that SCOTUS won’t take the Texas case or rule in favor of Texas/Trump because they know the left will burn down the country and conservatives won’t engage in that behavior.

Once again, rewarding the left’s bully tactics.

You can watch the video below:

This is the outcome that so many of us fear…that the court will not rule in favor of the Constitution or justice, and will cave to the left.

I will be honest, this has been my fear all along.

Look at the State Legisstlatures….many of them did not do the right thing because they were afraid of the left.

and while I know SCOTUS has security that regular people don’t, they still may feel responsible for starting the next “Civil War.”

They know conservatives are not wild animals and will take the news with much more grace…maybe.

This is what I hope and pray doesn’t happen — we need courage and justice — but I, like Bill, fear it will.